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About me 

As a first generation Latina college graduate from Los Angeles, California, I am thrilled to showcase my passion for cultural immersion and world travel. My initial year of college I got the opportunity to study abroad in London and it further ignited my love for diverse experiences and meeting individuals from all walks of life. These invaluable interactions inspired me to pursue a degree in Communications at Grand Canyon University, where I honed my ability to effectively communicate with a broad audience and connect with individuals on a deep level.

Today, as a budding communication professional, I am eager to apply my expertise and expand my knowledge by working alongside experienced professionals in the field. I bring to the table a strong work ethic, a collaborative spirit, and an insatiable desire to grow both personally and professionally.


​Marketing Director - Melrose Aesthetics 

July 2022 - May 2023

During my tenure at Melrose Aesthetics, I undertook a variety of responsibilities that contributed to the business’s overall success. One key aspect of my role involved content creation, where I demonstrated proficiency in crafting engaging and informative material. By strategically aligning the content with the brand's image and target audience, I aimed to enhance brand awareness and drive customer engagement. Furthermore, I actively supported the marketing and sales efforts of the company. Collaborating closely with the CEO, I assisted in devising and implementing marketing strategies. I contributed valuable insights that informed decision-making processes by researching, identifying emerging trends, and analyzing customer feedback. Overall, my time at Melrose Aesthetics allowed me to utilize my content creation, marketing, and coordination skills. Through these endeavors, I consistently aimed to enhance the brand's visibility, support sales initiatives, and facilitate effective teamwork.

Administration, Lead Sales, and Social Media - SkinLab Laser, Aesthetics and Wellness

August 2022 - December 2022

During my tenure at SkinLab Laser, Aesthetics and Wellness, I had the privilege of working collaboratively with medical and esthetic professionals to manage all administrative tasks associated with the day-to-day operations of the medical spa business. In addition, I served as a lead sales representative, leveraging my exceptional communication and customer service skills to promote the products and services offered by the company. As part of my multifaceted role, I was also responsible for managing all social media accounts of the business, producing, filming and posting content, as well as crafting the monthly newsletters to announce any promotions, services, and events. Through my efforts, I was able to successfully engage with clients, foster brand awareness, and drive business growth. 


Bachelor in Communications, Grand Canyon University

August 2021- July 2023

I have completed two years in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, specializing in Communication. My studies have equipped me with a strong foundation in key areas such as public relations, conflict resolution and negotiation, as well as ethical considerations in the field.

American Institute of Foreign Study, University Of London

August 2019- Jan 2020

I completed a semester studying at the University of London College through the American institute of Foreign study. My study abroad experience has helped me become more adaptable, culturally aware, and confident in my abilities to navigate unfamiliar situations, making me a valuable asset to any team or organization.





Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity 


Strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities


Communication Skills 



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